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[Help Me] D-Link WBR-1310


J'ai acheté un routeur EA4500 et j'ai un WBR-1310 de D-Link mais seulement je voudrais pouvoir branché mon bluray à internet mais il a seulement une prise Ethernet. Comment puis-je configurer le WBR-1310 pour qu'il prennent son internet par wi-fi mais ne diffuse pas de wi-fi mais seulement par les ports de celui-ci. Je tiens à préciser que je peut seulement le faire via internet pour la programmation vu que je n'ai plus le CD d'installation.


Boise, ID
This is a english written language. Please translate French into English please so we can help you.

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said by BimmerE38FN:

This is a english written language. Please translate French into English please so we can help you.

Try this: »www.bing.com/translator/

FWIW, I did that, but I was not able to provide any help because I am not familiar with the WBR-1310. If you are familiar with that device and really want to help the OP, you can also use that link to translate your reply into French.
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reply to Oli641
This product is also EOL too.
»forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic ··· =49660.0

Thanks for the info.


Boise, ID

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reply to Oli641
You need to check to see if the blueray player supports or includes a WiFi adapter or Wifi services, if the bluray player only has a LAN wired connection and No WiFi Adapter, then you'll need to either connect the bluray play via a wired LAN cable or you could attach a DLink DAP model wireless bridging adapter to the LAN port on the blue ray player and this will add WiFi to the player. The DLink DAP model adapter will wirelessly connect to either the EA4500 or WBR.

The WBR-1310 can not act as a wireless bridge. Also being older generation WiFi, I presume it's limited by G mode WiFi which could be problematic in streaming video from the Internet since it's not really fast enough to handle some video streams. So I would connect the DLink DAP adapter wirelessly to the EA4500 and use wireless N mode for streaming.

I might look something like this:
ISP Modem>EA4500 router-)wireless bridge(-DLink DAP model bridge adapter-)(-Wired LAN cable from the back of the DAP to the bluray player LAN port.

Some model DAPs are DAP-1360, 1522, 1525 and 1533 for Norht America, there should be similar models for the EU region.

I would contact your local regional DLink support office and ask them what specific models are available for your region.

Let us know how it goes.
Good Luck.

Translated with BING -

I bought an EA4500 router and I have a D-Link WBR-1310, but only I wish I could plugged my bluray to the internet but it has only an Ethernet jack. How can I configure the WBR-1310 to take its internet by wi - fi but not broadcast wi - fi but only ports of it. I want to clarify that I can only do it via the internet for programming because I no longer have the installation CD."

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reply to Oli641
Bing. ::shrudder::

Google Translate of OP
I bought a router EA4500 and I have a WBR-1310 D-Link but I wish I could just plugged my bluray internet but it only has an Ethernet jack. How do I configure the WBR-1310 that he take his internet wi-fi but not broadcast wi-fi but only through the ports of it. I want to say that I can only do it via internet programming because I no longer have the installation CD.

My response
In English
So as I understand it your looking to disable the wireless on the WBR-1310? If so:

Enter into your browser
User: admin

Click on "setup" on top.
Click on "wireless settings" on top left.
Uncheck "Enable wireless"
Click "Save Settings"

In French
Donc, si je comprends bien vous cherchez à désactiver le sans fil sur le WBR-1310? Si c'est le cas:

Entrez dans votre navigateur
Utilisateur: admin
Mot de passe:

Cliquez sur "setup" sur le dessus.
Cliquez sur "Wireless Settings" en haut à gauche sur.
Décochez la case "Activer sans fil"
Cliquez sur "Sauvegarder les paramètres"