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[Line Problem] Frequent disconnects and lag

I am experiencing this infuriating frequent disconnecting and lagging. I don't know how to put this more plainly, but I am severely disappointed in the service. I have tried countless times to get it through customer support's thick heads that I need a serious service call. My router is fine, I have performed the simple unplug and replug "solution" a hundred times. I have called only to get this pointless automated line tests that show everything is fine. Then I get told to call during the problem.

I must stress this: It is literally impossible for me to call, wade through automated messages, get to a representative, and get them to test the line in the time it takes these lag spikes and disconnects to pass. It is 30 seconds but it screws up every single thing in the book. If I am on a game I am disconnected. That makes the game unplayable. That means the internet service provider is not doing their job.

When I ask for a service call I get these technicians who check everything I checked. "Is it plugged in?" "Does your phone work?" And then I get some line of garbage telling me the router I have is out of date. Routers, might I remind you, I bought from AT&T. So, I am being sold useless routers that do not fix the fact that you are NOT providing your service. Now, if I have to start recording this stuff myself to take legal action on I guarantee you I will.

Algonquin, IL
Try posting here. It's not as fast but you get directly to the people who can usually help you best.

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