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Re: An iPhone Lover's Confession: I Switched To The Nexus 4

GPS may be in "Looking for location" for up to 10 min, while it shows 10 - 12 satellites connected.
As a delivery driver, my job, my livelihood relies on GPS. Quite often I am sent to unfamiliar areas. I never had an issue with the GPS capabilities or Google Nav on any of the phones I’ve used. Over the summer I took a 1,100 mile road trip, my HTC Evo LTE was my GPS the entire way. I never owned (but I have used) a real dedicated GPS, Android phones have never failed me and they are vastly superior to standalone units..

Battery may not show it's charged 100%, while it is connected to charger and you see that its voltage is already start dropping and, at the same time, it's percentage of "availability" is slowly growing ~10% per 8 hours (so to get it to "fully charged " state from let say 60% you have to charge it ... 24 hours). Next time it may start from different percentage (assigned to the same voltage).
What are you even talking about? Last week I forgot to put my phone on charge before I went to bed. I woke up, it was on 21%. I put it on charge when I got out of bed. By the time I got of the shower, got dressed and did a few other things, it was up to 93% when I left the house, after about 45 minutes on charge. Plugged it into my car charger and by the time my 7.3 mile ride into work was complete I was at 99%.

There is a lot of memory available, but suddenly you can't install a small new app. You have to find a third party tool, that clears OS's cache and only then you may do it again (and why I should remember to clear the cache manually? it's the OS's job, for god sake).
Can’t say I’ve ever had that issue between the 4 Android phones, 2 Android tablets and Android MP3 Player I have used. Using Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich or Jellybean.
iPhone: 4” 1136 X 640 Display, 1.30 GHz Dual Core Processor, 1 GB RAM
MyPhone: 5” 1920 X 1080 Display, 1.50 GHz Quad Core Processor, 2 GB RAM
So tell me, why is exactly is the iPhone so great?
Droid Does What Jobs Won’t Let You Do.

Naples, FL
I still maintain he has an issue with his phone.