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Ontario, CA
·Verizon FiOS

Weird vz speed provisioning strikes again (25/75)

So well over a year ago when I had two 35/35 connections and upgraded to a single 150/75 connection after cancelling the service on my second ONT a few days later it came back up and was provisioned at a weird speed (25/35) something VZ does not even offer.

Well I have been having some trouble switching my two 150/75 connections to residential and was only running off 1 until they can add a sub-unit to my address and randomly the de-provisioned one came back up and again its at a weird provisioned speed (25 down 75 up). Really makes me wonder why this happened. I am guessing after a few days it will just stop working like before.

Here is a netgraph:

Anyone else ever see this?



I'm guessing a FSC screw-up. I once had 190Mbps upload so it's not the first time they $%#ed up


Old Bethpage, NY

Wow 190 upload sounds awesome. I moved from 35/35 to 75/35 back in december. Woke up to 61/35, wasn't sure what happened but I hit up tech support on twitter they fixed it quickly. Phone support fought me forever saying me not using the actiontec was to blame.


Ontario, CA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to houkouonchi

Well after over 3 weeks of being down I am finally back up to my two connections. After getting the service installed originally 75/35 was the best they could give me I was able to later upgrade it to 150/65 so finally back to my original configuration.. You can see when the speed provisioning took effect:

My connection has been nearly saturated the whole time for the last few weeks due to one of my connections being down:

300/150 mbit Bonded Verizon FiOS connection FTW!