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said by AkFubar:

Tx... Yeah right... one guy has billing problems and it's just like BHell. In case you don't know it BHell has millions of customers and millions of billing issues as you suggest. Hardly an equal comparison. Take you flame somewhere else. It's no secret you don't like TSI why continually hang in their forum.

1. You're now replying almost 1 year later? lol...

Seeing as i donated money to this great community you're one to speak. Since you speak so openly about how and where i should "hang" maybe you should put in a few dollars to help DSLR. Member since 2005 yet you haven't contributed to this awesome site. Little surprised since you try telling people where they should "hang"

I don't know how many times i need to tell you this your fanboi'ish ways do not help Teksavvy. You talk to me about flaming yet your reply to this review says nothing but a trolling fanboi with nothing good to say.

This is a review, leave it as such. Don't spew your fanboi crap in here.

The numbers between Bell and Teksavvy have nothing to do with it. The review simply states he was having the same billing issues. Who cares about the number of users. Your argument there alone make's it even more a joke since Teksavvy shouldn't be having the same billing issues. After all they don't have the millions and millions Bell does right?

Quit fighting with every customer that doesn't like Teksavvy like you do. Each is allowed their opinion, but you shoving your love for TSI down everyones throat gets a little irritating. TSI doesn't need groupies
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