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Michigan, US
reply to UverseTech

Re: Wireless internet and port tip...

said by UverseTech:

...this is a shared port meaning one ip between 2 devices...

Patently untrue. The desktop system I have connected to the ethernet port on the back of the STB has it's own IP assigned by the gateway, as does the STB. They do not share an IP.



If the stb or dvr is on and connected it will pass an ip thru, but when the stb looses power and a networking device is plugged in the ethernet port the stb will not connect to the rg.

It will allow pass thru of another ip as long as the stb is connected first. Try explaining this to most customers, I have not tried this on the cisco wifi boxes, just the hardwired, maybe the wifi will not act like this.


Birmingham, AL

All of my DirecTV boxes have a plastic insert in the ethernet port that have "DO NOT USE" written on it. Apparently it would just kill AT&T to use some of these instead of having to have techs troubleshoot this issue.



It's not that it will not work, it causes customers that do not understand what the install or repair tech did to begin with. It is a shortcut that works, but unless the customer is instructed to unplug the ethernet connection if they loose signal, it just appears to be a box that does not connect.

I have not tried this on a wifi box, maybe it and will work when disconnected from WAP, but if does not unplug ethernet and restart stb.