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Howard City, MI
reply to onebadmofo

Re: Tool for this?

just a thought - but maybe the pro could have replaced the time welded access point to system inside your house - so that next time you could have pushed one out 20 ft from that point....

North, VA
reply to onebadmofo
said by onebadmofo:

In the end I called rotorooter and they snaked the line from the street. He said (and I seen it) the trap at the street went down about 12 feet. That's 12 feet there, and then another 50, 60 feet to house...yeah, I would have been screwed doing it on my own. Cause what took him 20 to 30 minutes to do, would have taken me another day or 2 to figure out. And not having access to be able to shower, do dishes, laundry and use the toilet, just wasn't acceptable.

Yeah it cost $355.00 but, it's done. And now I can drop a log I've been holding onto for hours.


...did that sound "commercially" enough?

And thanks to everyone here for your input. If I ever have to take that plug out, I at least have this thread to go by.
And now that I seen someone do it, I may just be able to try and tackle it myself if it is to happen again. ...maybe.

Excellent decision on your part. In stead on spending untold more energy and attention to the brass plug you corrected your problem.