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Modoc, IN
reply to Smith6612

Re: [DSL] Extreme Slow downs Frontier 12/2

That irony is the sad truth in the broadband world. 100 people served by two or three 45mbps lines, and 1000 feet away there's capacity for hundreds of megabits probably with less than 40% utilization.

I'm pretty sure my CO has an OC3 or higher, and I bet the remotes are in a similar situation to your area. Luckily I'm not on a remote or I'd really be screwed. I guess living in a rural area I'm lucky to get 6mbps. It's not 1000 feet away, but there is at least one if not more of at least 1gbit line of dark fiber line running about 3 miles away. If Frontier cared to expand my area, they could have 25mbps VDSL for half the cost of Comcast and drive them out. Unfortunately I doubt that will happen until 50mbps is the norm for Comcast.
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I should say, in the case of this remote it was one T3 line per DSLAM. The T3 was sent over OC12 Fiber. I don't know how many DSLAMs were available in that remote but things got pretty bad. It's not like the Litespan I feed out of for Verizon which has OC3 fiber directly going to it (it's old, too) or Frontier's Adtran DSLAM in the remote which I would presume has at least an OC3, the remote itself probably having an OC12 back to the CO with their higher VDSL2 speeds now being available to me.