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reply to quinn

Re: Suspected Google Redirect Virus

said by quinn:

I haven't done anything other than indicated above and the problem seems to have been resolved. I'm unsure if the precleaning instructions led to the fix b/c I didn't check to verify if the problem still existed after completing the cleaning instructions. I require no further assistance and hope nobody's time was wasted.


When you perform the guidelines here for pre-clean requirements, and start a help thread - you are embarking on a journey.

You're one part of the effort to confirm safe passage on the internet, and your "helper" is the other. It's teamwork at it's finest.

Our expectations - from start to finish are that we leave you safe and clean, and educated on how to prevent re-infection.
This is a free service we offer, and our volunteers are unpaid. They do it because they truly enjoy helping people.

Please follow all of the requests made by your Helper, including submitting to the Forum all log results.
This helps others who frequent this forum to learn or who are seeking answers as well, to see what is going on.

We need to ascertain that everything is truly "ok".

Note that many of the utilities utilized require a formal uninstall process to return your system to a normal operating state.

It's work - yes, but it's necessary.

Therefore, we ask you please see this through till your "helper" deems you "clean". You can do it!
~Safe Hex~ Team Discovery ~ Project Hope ~ Like A Hurricane~