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Re: [Need Info] iDEN Ending June 30, Must Buy New Phone

I was out and about shopping and running errands and had the Venice phone with me. Even though it is not activated, the signal indicator provides a running tracking of the coverage. Downtown is pretty good. Even inside Costco, where traditionally it's hard to get service with AT&T.
I confirmed that the tower next to my house is providing signal, as I have 6 bars as I pass the tower, which is 900' from the house. When I turn onto my road, down to 4 bars. In my driveway, down to 1 bar, and I'm staring right at the tower in front of me! I must be in a deep null between cell antennas.
A good friend of mine uses the Wilson signal booster, which she paid $350 for and said it works extremely well for her rural CO location. I may have to go that route one day if things get better economically.
In the meantime, I have communicated with Boost on through e-mails, but they have told me there is no minutes plan for the smart phones. I'll call them on Monday and see if I can push the matter, pointing out that I'm a long time customer for the past 8 years and that I will drop them if they insist on that bloated expensive plan. I could always use the phone as a PDA. It's far more capable than my CLIE was, and about half the weight.
BTW, is there a way to place a call when there is a wi-fi signal but no cell signal? If it's a 'smart phone', it should be able to work that bit of magic.