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Bless you Howie

MEElectronics M16 IEMs

Just a quick review on the MEElectronics M16 in ear monitors.

I am comparing these to my Maximo iM-590s, which have proven to be more than outstanding for the last few years except as noted.

The MEElectronics M16 phones were a buy my sister made (who can't really comprehend why someone would pay 100 dollars, say, for real phones), based on a review from a leading site after my successful purchase of the Maximos mentioned above. She was highly dissatisfied, and got some other phones, the model which I've forgotten.

The MEEs are a bit harsh, even for the price, and there is significant sibilance, it's annoying. Perhaps because of the impedance, I don't know - the volume has to be turned up quite a bit with them on my player. Bass has the right punch, but is weak, as is everything. They sound tinny. Fit is good but sister couldn't get the mushrooms to fit her to save her life. For me, fit with them is BETTER than my beloved Maximos.

I compare them, and any device, listening to The Ozric Tentacles, because their music is a bit of a good acid test (heh, double "whatchamacallit?)

For the money, I suggest staying away from these, but maybe their quality is fallen. I just ordered some M6Ps before listening to these, should get them in a few days, will be interesting to compare.

I am somewhat hard of hearing, so for me to notice these issues means they are significant I should think. For 30-40 bucks, I expect a little better, not a lot better, but at least not the harshness, they aren't muddy though.

Anyways, the iM-590s are just so good!

Once again, thanks to the wonderful soul who blessed me a few years back so that I could have a real PMP. If I could, I'd get more Cowon products, but that is another topic (just mentioning that their sound quality is unrivaled).

Happy New Year to all.
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From what I hear, MEElectronics tend to be a mixed bag - they have some nice earphones but also some pretty crummy ones.

I have a pair of MEElectronics A151 (they used to go on sale for $39.99 regularly, so they were not too expensive) that I like for the price. I got them purposely because they seem like they have really good build quality, and I was tired of having relatively expensive earphones crap out on me.

But they are being relegated to backups as I got an incredible deal on some UE700s over the Christmas/Black Friday sales If there's one thing I have no willpower about, it's huge discounts on great IEMs.
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Bless you Howie
Hah hah, I hear ya.