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reply to MajorHavoc

Re: MacBook Pro 13 (Latest 2012 Version) Sleep Issues

said by MajorHavoc :

I too have seen this problem and just started searching for others seeing it as well. I do not have Apple Care, but my machine is less than 1 year old. Technical Support is expired but they still list repair as active. So my question is if I call Apple Care and complain, they are they just going to tell me to take it to the genius bar, where they will not be able to make it happen (because it will not be plugged in long enough or I had to unplug to take it there which changes the state) so they will just say it is normal or they cannot see it. Been through that WAY too many times. What procedure do you actually suggest?

Take a video of it and email it to the tech who works your case when you call Apple or if they turn you over to the bar, then take that video with you and show them. To duplicate it, all they have to do is leave it sleeping for about 70 minutes or so. Take it in, explain the issue and when it started. Show them the video. If they want to duplicate it, have them plug it in and leave it closed. Then go to lunch and come back 70 minutes later. Walk in and open the clamshell with them watching you do it. They will see what you see.

Filming a video and sending it to them is THE ONLY WAY THESE APPLE GENIUSES WERE ABLE TO SEE AND "GET" WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT. Until that happened, they kept saying they couldn't duplicate the issue. They're idiots... yes, engineers included, not just the techs on the phone, who I might add always have to ask someone else what's going on instead of actually knowing the answer. I don't see how Apple support is so amazing.


.... So I got my Macbook Pro literally last Saturday (January 26th), and I've noticed both the issues of the computer turning on when unplugged and the hibernation issue. My main question is, however, will I cause damage to my computer if I start moving/putting it into my bag right away after unplugging it? Cause if it's awake and the hard drive is spinning... Does that mean I have to wait for it to go to sleep again? Cause I really don't want to have to stand there and wait every single day and waste 30 seconds of my life waiting for my computer to go to sleep so I can put it into my bag...