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Brooklyn, NY
reply to alanisrox69

Re: [DVR] Multi Room DVR with Own Router?

said by alanisrox69:

said by UnnDunn:

If your own router is in front of the Actiontec, it is very likely you don't have the required port-forwards and IP addresses set up for MR-DVR to work.

It's one thing for the boxes to go out via IP to get guide/VOD data. It's quite another to have the boxes find and talk to each other as would be required for MR-DVR.

The boxes are able to configure the Actiontec automatically to open the required ports and configure the required IP addresses to find and talk to each other, but they have no idea how to do it with your router.

Do you know what ports are needed for MR-DVR? I can set them up on my router...

this is still confusing because I thought the boxes communicate to each other through the coax on the ActionTec...so why would port forward be needed on my Asus router? Shouldn't the ActionTec be taking care of the dvr->dvr talk via Coax?

Yeah, the boxes will talk to each other on the coax, but how they find each other is a whole different matter, and that depends on how Verizon designed the system.

Unfortunately, I only have one box and I do not have MR-DVR, so I can't tell you for sure which ports or IPs or whatever else might be needed for it. I'm largely just speculating at this point.

My advice would be to put the Actiontec in front of your router, reset the ActionTec, activate MR-DVR and see what happens. If it all works, you can see how the Actiontec was set up, and try to replicate that setup on your own router.