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Re: Music: Is there such a thing as this?

signmeuptoo, why don't you use a sandbox solution to avoid browser hijacks/trojans? Heck, even a virtual machine or a dedicated Linux box for risky browsing habits. Personally I kept a spare G4 era Mac to run a PPC Linux distro... since the Playstation 3 had "other OS" killed there is a smaller PPC user base, security by obscurity can be useful like OS/2 Warp

Anyways I'd highly recommend "hypem.com -aka The Hype Machine" for searching musician/band names they don't have iLivid or any of those toxic ads and if you use flashgot you can save the streamed mp3s after they've loaded/played. I've found some tracks/covers of lesser known musicians or bands on that site, they mainly pull mp3 data from RSS feeds(musicians themselves, labels, music blogs, etc).