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reply to Brano

Re: USG-100 dual wan problem

Thank you (both) for your answers.

I still can't test the firmware you sent me, I hope to test it during this week.

Anyway, I made some other test : I changed the dlink unit for another USG-100 with also 2 wans, so this time I created the VPN between 2 USG-100 both with wan HA. Wan1 form USG unit 1 is directly connected to wan1 of USG unit 2, and the same for wan2.

If I use the same subnet for all wan interfaces in both USG, for example, I have the same problem I had with Dlink unit. When I disconnect wan1 on one of USG unit, the vpn is not changed to WAN2.
But if I use 1 subnet ( for wan1 on both usg , and 1 subnet ( for wan2 on both usg, the VPN and WAN HA works ok !

So it seems that the problem is when I use the same subnet for both wans. Did you hear this issue before ?

Thanks again for your help

Kirby Smith

Derry, NH
·Fairpoint Commun..
This is interesting, not because I have to deal with VPNs, but because I use PPPoE, and my WAN_ppp connections get 77.X.X.X block IP addresses from FairPoint, but internally, I have seen the USG establish 10.X.X.X addresses for the WAN connections that the PPP connections are linked to. I can't find the address values right now, but I wonder if they are usually set to be on the same subnet.