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Monroe Township, NJ
reply to Mike Wolf

Re: [Cable Card] New Tivo (replacing existing Tivo with M-Card)

I think I have that unit. I purchased a cheap new Premier (holiday sale) and the external 1T DVR expander. This cost less than the expanded Tivo model.

I also made sure it was the DVR expander. If you purchase any drive then it might work for a short period of time and then fail. The DVR expander model is made to handle the demands of the DVR.
Neil Cherry
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Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ

The reason why the Seagate DVR Expander only says it is supported by DirecTV and Dish Network is because Western Digital has an agreement with TiVo to use only their hard drives which is why their My Book AV DVR expander is verified. »gizmodo.com/5254823/tivo-will-no···xpanders

Where did you go to purchase your DVR expander?