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Washington, DC
reply to why60loss

Re: Do you have to get the 305 mbs plan to have no data cap?

said by why60loss:

Has any one signed up for the 305 had any support issues or speed issues? Like is there any thing I should know before I try that way?

Thanks and the 305 sounds awesome wish it was not so costly.

With a lot that big, are you sure you can even get Comcast cable to begin with?

Yes, I have 305 »Getting 305/65


·Time Warner Cable
·Verizon Wireless..

1 edit
Yes It will, I have put the address online and can get the 20,50 and 105 plan's. Comcast Tv was in the house at one point I think as well. The web site even showed me a link to this:»www.comcast.com/ned-305 after putting the address in. I know they may not be able to run it to the house or it may be a mistake all together, but at lest I have a shot.

edit: That is cool as mess, even with the 500 start up fee. I just don't care for the 3 year contract with 1k ETF. Oh well it's still cool and if I can fit it in my finances safely I may do it. I will just need to see how every thing works out after I move.