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Re: [AB] BB50 and shaw a waste of time if you want to use netfli

Well tried it again now at 7am local time... night and day difference, works flawless on all 3 netflix players (TV, blu-ray, and PC)

I didn't provide more info because I was fairly sure the problem was at shaw's end... and seeing others with the same issue now i'm quite certain.

My hardware can be ruled out as I stated i did not experience this EVER with my last ISP... the only thing that changed was moving to Shaw and replacing a DSL modem with their cable modem.

Standard Shaw DNS, and speeds and latency are both awesome (that speed boost makes it test at 25mbps down). If I decide to test it using a large download like a service pack from microsoft... it slows down after about a minute to 10 - 12mbps.

You say you can stream on 3 devices without issues. I'm curious what bitrate you're getting, and what time this works for you... cause last night it was complete garbage, and now works great. If it's doing it again tonight I'll make a youtube of it.


I am having the exact same issues. Prime time is horrible for some reason. Oddly enough when I run a pingplot to the netflix.com servers I have only about 100ms latency and very little packet loss. If I plot to the content servers that netflix is using everything goes to shit.


said by vitiate :

...If I plot to the content servers that netflix is using everything goes to shit.

Could you list the content servers?


Same thing tonight... but pinging the content server with ping plotter doesn't really reveal anything.

The content server I was hitting was. ipv4_1.lagg0.c035.sea001.ix.nflxvideo.net which resolves to

Tomorrow i'll bring my work laptop home to prove a point... i'm guessing I'll have the same problem on that laptop... until I fire up my VPN connection to work. So i will still be using my connection to Shaw, but the traffic will be routed to my work before getting to netflix. (they don't use shaw at work)