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Hughes net in 2013

It looks like most of these comments are from 2007-08. We also previously had Hughes net at about that time and they were horrible! We now have Windstream -- the worst of the worst ever. We are getting kilobyte downloads and uploads. We've been knocked off the net 100 times in 2 weeks. We've filed a complaint with the FCC and the state PRC and discovered they have no power over ISPs for consumers -- there are NO regs for ISPs for consumers. Have been working with our Senator here in NM for over a year and making slow headway. The last communication from Windstream even suggested we look into satellite --the one with which they are connected -- Dish network.
Please let me know what Hughes is like now in January 2013. Thanks a bunch!

I Actually use Windstream
Orange Springs, FL
No idea, I left them in 2006. Windstream here isn't totally as bad as many places. I get .8 to 1.5 M at night on a 3m service. Still that is better than being on satellite.


reply to Sidney
i have considered upgrading to Gen. 4 , at the moment we have the cheap hughesnet package. if we try to watch 3 u tube videos in an afternoon we loose half our download speed. not sure what to do .

Jasmin Mendo

reply to Sidney
I just had the satellite set up today and only 10 mins after. i couldn't get online, the basic service is only up to 989 kbps..so slow i cant even post this comment without any interruptions. the basic plan is 39.99 plus 9 rental fee..i think this company is a ripped off and have a worse customer service. every time i call, i'm on hold for 20-30 mins!!


reply to Sidney
Just a reply about Hughes net. It's Jan. 2013 and Hughes hasn't improved at all from what I'm reading. I don't know technical talk, just that I keep getting messages on my computer about lost satellite signals, and no internet connection, even tho it says I do. Calling customer support is nothing but a bunch of apologies and suggestions to turn off the modem and restart, which I've done several times. I can't wait until my contract is up!!
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