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Allen Park, MI

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Re: [DVR] External DVR Storage

We have had that in the Chicago/Detroit area since late last year. You cannot move recordings, however. The extender just gives you more room / storage space.

»[Comcast Equip] DVR Extender w/Moto Boxes

Also available at Amazon:


New Bedford, MA

Thanks for the information , didn't realize they couldn't be moved at all.

Schaumburg, IL
The drive is just an extension of the built-in drive. It's also encrypted or otherwise 'tied' to a particular box. If you try to use it on another one, it will most likely reformat it. At best, it will ignore what is there and just use the available space.


Philadelphia, PA
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DVR Extender service is apparently alive and well in Center City Philly.

said by jblues:

Also available at Amazon:

This is the one that just arrived on our doorstep from Amazon today. $99, I put it on my powered-on DCX3400 (340GB on the internal drive), followed the prompts, and it was a breeze. Went from north of 90% to 21%.

My service area is Center City Philly, and about 4-5 GB of recording went to the new device just this evening. Software version on the Motorola is A30/R25.

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ

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I kinda feel forced to warn to just be careful because the 3400 isn't officially supported yet(there are apparently bugs and undesired behavior with this model) and recordings could possibly be lost. Your mileage may vary. »forums.comcast.com/t5/XfinityTV-···7#M65656


Philadelphia, PA
Thanks for the direct URL. I was aware that the DCX3400 hadn't passed testing. LOL'ed this:

The exact issues observed are actually confidential and proprietary.

where "confidential and proprietary" == embarrassing.

The Comcast DVR model as is is to keep the single internal drive spinning 24/7 unless you remove the Motorola STB from a power source. Failure is not only an option, it's pretty surely an inevitability.

I figure my newly purchased external has a good year of service in it. My DCX3400, however, is old enough that if this were my home desktop system, I'd be busy about replacing the drive simply because it's time. Losing recordings is part and parcel of any DRM-controlled ecosystem. It goes with the territory.


Philadelphia, PA
@yhp - Well said , when I connected my External 2TB drive to my "un supported" DCX3400 I am actually expecting it to fail at any time , just as I am with the internal drive that's almost Four years old

Getting the most of of these devices and pushing them to their limits (without doing anything illegal) is what gives people like me a buzz , I have never been and never will be a "off the shelf" person. But I have the greatest respect for those people that are scared they may loose all their recorded seasons of Desperate Housewives or Katie.... but in the real world they run about the same risk as I do , The so called "support" people at Comcast or WD don't have much chance of recovering data once the bearing in a drive fail as they often do..

Runs from Clowns
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(topic move) [DVR] Spin Down Feature

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