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united state
reply to Jeffrez

Re: community meetings planned over windstream service

“We are aware of the speed issues affecting some customers in Piedmont, and we are looking at several options to see if we can improve performance in the area,” Chewning told Combs. “Until network upgrades are completed, the service may remain the same. We are committed to providing your area with the best service possible and are working diligently with our network engineers to determine the best course of action to alleviate the speed issues affecting some users in Piedmont. I will touch base with you in a few weeks with an update regarding our plans.”

I don't know if these nice guys that took over Jan 1 realized that they have at least another year or so to wait for this information.

“I acknowledge that this information is likely unsatisfactory, but rest assured, our executive team is fully aware of Piedmont and is working along with our network engineers on a possible solution,” Chewning continued.

What this should have said is: rest assured our executive team is continuing to line their pockets with your area's payments and at some point we'll look at upgrading the network.

Maybe they are already in the works, but as much troubles as this has been, it should be an easy sell to their local utilities board to get some incumbent telco or cable company in there. The state or some grant could be able to help with said costs if they knew all of the unhappy customers would bail in a hurry