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Ardmore, OK

Removing Built-In Microwave from stacked Oven Set

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Oven Set before installed 5-6 yrs. ago

Trim Kit instruction screen shot
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download9ad3c1e4f61b···7f44.pdf 3,304,984 bytes
Trim Kit instruction pdf file
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Original Install photo
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Installed photo
The Microwave oven(top), in a Thermadore Stacked oven set, failed. I have obtained the exact replacement, but have not been able to remove the Trim Kit from the front, so that i can remove the microwave.

The instructions indicated the trim has catches/clips and should just pull off. but, when I use force the whole stack moves. It appears that the whole oven stack must be pulled out? Ideas or suggestions before attempting that? I do not believe i could do that myself, because of the weight and it's rather unwieldy.

Embrace Your Rights
Grand Rapids, MI
Looks like there maybe screws in the bottom between the slats, do you see any?

Ardmore, OK
Not that I could see. To be sure, I will look again. thanks.

Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to redhotnine
if you have the entire install manual you might be able to find out where all the screws are.

dunno if appliances have service manuals like you can get for older cars.

the trim kit manual almost looks for a different model, as the first image shows a complete unit ovens and micro. is it sold as three parts or does it have a single model number for the entire thing?

Ardmore, OK
I was purchased as a complete combination set, and came stacked &
crated as shown in the 1st photo.
I got the model number for the replacement microwave from inside the door of the failed unit. The trim kit is what is shown for that unit and appears to be the same.

The manuals are/were available from the thermadore support website, and indicate those catches in each corner. Hope i overlooked a fastener, but i do not think so!


Madison, WI
The fact that you are having problems is not surprising .
The engineers design the mounts and clips to make sure they will not come lose and the customers have a reason to call and complain !
Since they are not the ones that have to service the units , why worry about the fact that the trim is not removable easily
You may end up having to slide the unit out enough to access the clips from the sides and pry the prongs loose .
Would suggest getting new clips and just snapping the old ones , but the trim may not be strong enough to allow that .
Good luck