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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to Bob61571

Re: the real reason

said by Bob61571:

"most cable operators are now focused on broadband as their primary service" because consumer studies showed that consumers valued their internet service much higher than they did the TV product.

People are trending to cord-cutting, unbundling, and going to OTA(among many choices).

No, they aren't. Unless there is a competitive OTT/IPTV pay-tv product that delivers the same content as cable/satellite, the bulk of American households will continue to subscribe. And that product isn't going to happen in a network-neutral environment.

Cable is the one player that gets it, and has the opportunity to win. They continue to invest in plant and content, while telco does not, and they're trying to broaden their appeal with additional offerings, while improving their image.

Cable has the customer service, installation and repair fleet that virtual operators lack. No amount of wireless-self-install options will ever overcome the need for low-voltage wiring techs who can cimb a telephone pole. Offshored call centers will not replace a hands-on demonstration (for the 10th time) of how to switch your set to Channel 3 or HDMI #2.


In fact, the cable industry still does not get it. TWC is starting to data cap instead of investing in upgrading their plant, despite all signs that the demand is skyrocketing and to survive they'll need fiber to the home. Comcast just made me wait 10 minutes simply to drop movie channels I never asked for in the first place. Its guide is cumbersome and unfriendly. We are on our 5th DVR HD box in 1.5 years. And next month, we will drop the TV subscription and save just a bundle of money. We are in our fifties, so this phenomnon is slipping beyond the GenY crowd.