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Clover, SC
reply to iansltx

Re: Speed Upgrades Coming

Actually you are wrong, I live 2,100 feet from the VRAD and my Gateway syncs on a single pair at 48,000Mbps, with pair bonding 2 pairs together, that gives me a potential capability of 96Mbps.

Pair bonding and vectoring will be the technologies used to accomplish the higher U-Verse speeds, will everyone current U-Verse customer be able to get these speeds, no but it is far more than what you think.


Instead of speed upgrades, how about upgrades to the crappy router firmware AT&T??? This thing is such garbage.


Birmingham, AL
I'm really curious what the pricing for the new tiers will be. I figure they'll either adjust the prices of the new and existing tiers to better compete with cable or they'll be dicks and just add the new tiers alongside the existing and charge outrageous fees for the faster speeds.

Edit: I'm also curious how the bandwidth allowed by the new profiles will be allocated. Common sense would say allocate more bandwidth for their TV service and adjust the compression. If they improved the picture quality I'm sure a lot of us with direct or dish would consider switching to uverse for our tv service.