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Andover, NJ

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Nice data, no value however

So, if my ISP is low on the list and I want to change, what number do I call to have google fiber installed in my house in Andover, Nj?

I also doubt this will make any ISP spend a bundle upgrading their plant to be better than anyone else. If there were true competition that would happen however in most areas one cable co and one telco usually has the franchise for the town.
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West Tenness
Well I have Charter and at&t in my area so yeah these ranking might matter to both of them since one is clearly better than the other.


Chesterfield, MO
No doubt Charter wins in the ranking vs. AT&T DSL but other than buffering faster, what story does the rankings tell in terms of watching the content? Once the stream starts playing, can the sub tell the difference between 1.4Mbps provider and a 2.1Mbps provider?


Hazelwood, MO
You would think not but I think that depends on the player as the BluRay player I have does no buffering whatsoever and it gets on my nerves. Is that a player, ISP or netflix problem?

On my uVerse account there have probably been 40+ times I have been buffered while watching and I have probably watched less than 150 hours which is a pretty poor % if you ask me.

Could be a player issue as I had to buy this player as I have a space issue with where it is going. Once I have alternatives I will be looking at that as a buying decision as it is ridiculous that once you select a movie to play it is not fully downloaded as soon as it can be for uninterrupted viewing and good FF / RR features.

Maybe with the ridiculous content licensing they can't buffer the material at all.


Chesterfield, MO
How does NetFlix work? If they stream the content like cable On-Demand, it may never download the entire movie. I know the Apple TV downloads the whole movie and stores it for the duration of the rental period (which starts as soon as you play but not when you rent). Depending on the link speed, it take Apple TV 30 seconds to a few minutes before it says the movie is ready to watch. Although rare, sometimes it stops half way through the movie and has to buffer more content. When this happens, something goes wrong on the back-end servers as I have tested my HSI connection and it's fine. Generally I have to do something else for a few hours while waiting for it to finish downloading. (I can wait for 10 minutes and get a couple minutes of movie but this is even more frustrating).

As I said, this is rare but I've had it happen in the middle of action scenes and it makes me want to walk over to the Apple TV device, yank out all the wires and throw it into the fireplace. (One time I was really close but I then my brain pressed pause because there might be something in it that explodes resulting in hot coal burns in my carpet!)


San Jose, CA

Re: Netflix download

On my device at least, Netflix buffers about a minute in advance and nothing behind. I have always wished for an alternative where I could tell it in the morning what I wanted to watch and it would download it at its leisure during the day for certain, uninterrupted viewing when it is done. Besides letting me know before I start that I'll see the whole movie, this would make it feasible to skip forward and backward as I watch. As it is, I use DVDs by mail when I can because that has those characteristics.


Hazelwood, MO
In the beginning, I am pretty new to Netflix, I thought that was what their queuing of movies was for. Turns out, not so much. They just show up on top for you to pick and watch.