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Chicago, IL
reply to Hydrolis

Re: Constant disconnecting issue isolated to 1 comp on network

Is that desktop on wireless or wired? If they are both wireless, you may want to give apple a call. I do remember seeing a logic board issue with one of our MacBooks that caused a number of issues including wifi failures.

Also be sure to check your wifi settings in system prefs. Check Network | Wifi, and maybe remove any networks from the preferred list that are not your own. Or remove yours and let it re-add your wifi network.

The Hydroman

ONT, Canada
The desktop is the computer experiencing all of the problems described above. My desktop is on wireless. My desktop is also running Windows 7 Professional.

My wireless Macbookpro laptop doesn't drop connection, there's no problems with it. I just know that the problem with my connection dropping on my desktop is a problem WITH my desktop because I can see whenever a drop occurs that my other computer beside me (the laptop) is working fine/not dropping.