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Etobicoke, ON
reply to Rob

Re: No benefit

said by Rob:

For those of us who are pushing FTTH, we do so for the following reasons, none which are factored into Netflix's rankings:

1. FTTH provides for a more stable connection, with fewer interferences between the customer and the ISP.

2. FTTH provides more symmetrical speeds, or at least, faster upload speeds.

3. The cost to run FTTH has decreased significantly, and allows for much more expansion in the future without major infrastructure changes.

4. Our doctors tell us to eat more fiber, well, we want more fiber.

5. If you're going to rebuild a major highway, it would make economical sense to lay fiber optics at the same time. The cost is so minimal.

All of these things are a no brainer, especially #1 and #2. DOCSIS even with DOCSIS 3.1 still has a pretty bad achilles' heel.