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reply to Mike Wolf

Re: Ocean County, NJ- Anything new expected for 2013?

said by Mike Wolf:

Dunno, but from what I'm hearing Comcast wants to phase out the Cisco/SA equipment and start putting everyone on Motorola in New Jersey (They say New Jersey is the last area that needs this done) That's why the new X1 equipment is universal, being identified as legacy SA boxes on Cisco/SA markets and Motorola boxes on Motorola markets. When I asked how Comcast was going to pressure customers to adopt the new equipment (Like the majority of customers in Toms River are in senior communities), they said they'll put a stop gap on the system so the Cisco/SA equipment will keep working until everyone is able to swap out for Motorola gear. This is going take many years for it to be completed so I'm not really worried right now.

Don't believe everything you hear. Having multiple vendors keeps the others from price gouging.

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
As long as we're not forced to use switched digital video I'm happy. I'm just really hoping we see Guide 2.0 really soon and it will run on the Cisco RNG200N gear. Also curious as to what software S26 brings to the table. I'd love if Comcast would allow a "recording default" option to be present so we can set the DVR to "save until I delete" automatically when you make a recording instead of having to manually set it before each recording.
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Weirton, WV
Doubt it. You will get the same features that the motorola iguide people have. Nothing new. Also guide 2.0 deployment is stopped. They are devoting those resources to have the x1 guide/box out ASAP.

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
I agree and knew about the guide 2.0 halt in deployment which sucks cause it was a good interface.
Unfortunately they don't seem to be using any resources out to get the S26 software and cablecard firmware to our area.