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Re: [Connectivity] Sharing drop with neighbor

said by One_Drop :

said by BoteMan:

said by One_Drop :

I live in an apartment complex. Each building has eight apartments. There is only one power drop and one Comcast cable drop for each building. The power and cable is fed from a common junction box (with separate power meters for each apartment) to each apartment. I don't see why a duplex would require any different treatment.

The trunk hardline will have a splitter up on the pole; this would be analogous to the one serving your 8 apartments. Then if the tech splits it again at my neighbor's service entry that's another 3dB drop on my leg (and my neighbor's). I get that.

I just don't know if he can remove an attenuator up on the pole or somehow adjust the signal level to our split drop to undo the effects of the second split? Or just run the drop all the way from the pole to me and eliminate one potential source of trouble, if it is one.

And the eight way split on the apartment building would mean a proportionally larger db drop for each apartment. What's your point? The tech only has to adjust the level before the split to compensate. I have quite acceptable modem stats despite the eight way split (and a two way split inside my apartment).

You are not getting it. It is split eight ways on a tap plate! Just like any neighborhood is split. You cannot split 8-ways on RG6 and keep your signal. The tech does not adjust anything. Only if something is wrong with overall signal at the tap plate, can the higher tech-2 or similar come out to change something. They could up the amp setting but that effects the whole tap plate at once (every port)