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reply to sapreaper

Re: [Connectivity] Sharing drop with neighbor

said by sapreaper:

Even Comcast under their policy does not allow 2 modems to be connected via the same drop. Again maybe there is lee-way, but even a Comcast authorized contractor states: "If you have two modems, they must have separate connections to the main line tap plate. They can not both exists on the same RG6 coax building drop."

That would mean that a business class customer who had both Internet and voice services would need to have two drops, because none of the officially approved "modems" that are allowed to be used for a business class account have FXS (voice) ports. That restricted modem list means that two modems are required if a business class customer is a CDV subscriber. I really don't think that Comcast is going to run a separate drop just for the voice modem.


united state
Maybe due to the low bandwidth that VoiP uses. I used "modems" loosely as in used for internet and speeds above 10-15Mbps etc. I do not deal with VoiP, and wish I would never have to get it myself. Low cost garbage..


Bottom line everyone... the splitting can only happen at the TAP plate. If he splits off somewhere else down the line from there, when your neighbor cancels his/her account, Comcast comes out or remotely cuts off his connection and inturn yours as well.