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Caveat Emptor
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reply to jchambers28

Re: loud corsair HX1050

Ah, ok, just checking. Someone was running low-end GPUs in Xfire/SLI and disappointed with their performance about a year ago. At least you're using sufficiently powerful cards to see an advantage.

But I don't understand the reasoning--if you end up going 2x 660Ti's, you will pay more, unless you wait for the GTX 700 series come out, when you pick up an obsolete card at a reduced rate. Even then, it's a lot of waiting at half power (in terms of what you can afford) for a marginal amount of savings.

The cheapest 660Ti is about $250, whereas the cheapest GTX 680 is $410, which is about $90 cheaper than two GTX 660Tis *and* unlike SLI, the 680 will always perform much closer to its performance ceiling (SLI is never near 100% efficient in terms of scaling).

Short of a bargain deal on 660Ti's, you'd be better off grabbing a single GTX 680.
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