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Columbus, OH
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reply to UKEE

Re: Interference checking by Insight?

said by UKEE:

Hello, I just received a call from the local Insightbb office in Lexington and they asked if they could come out today/tomorrow to do interference testing? I seem to recall that this was a way to sell more service but can't find that thread.

Anyone know if this is legit signal testing (I find it strange) or if it is to sell services?

The lady was from the tech department (or so she said).


This is legit.. FCC requires Insight/Time Warner to maintain their plant and if they feel or think that there may be some signal leakage from you back onto their Coax plant they are required to check it out and resolve it or disconnect you.

If your unsure you can always call them back and have them check your account they would have a maintenance type work order for this type of work in the system as its not a normal "Trouble Call" in most cases.


Lexington, KY

I don't have a doubt that it was Insight (local number was on caller ID). What I wanted to know was is this an actual check or is it to sell me services? The lady on the other end was in the tech department. She told me this when I asked a question about my bill and services. She went on, however, to state that the technician coming out to do the interference check could answer any and all questions about my bill. This part is what made me think that this was more of a "sell me services" call than to check my existing stuff.


Lexington, KY

While they will most likely not pass up an opportunity to up-sell you, they will be there to actually do a signal leakage check.


Lexington, KY

Thanks guys. I'll report back afterward so others will know how much of a sales pitch this turns out to be.


Lexington, KY

Guy was supposed to be there between 3 and 6. Never showed up and no call. I will no longer accommodate Insight for this testing. If I happen to be there, fine but otherwise, good luck to them.