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Warwick, RI

Don't worry about it Netflix

Why is Netflix so concerned about the Best ISPs ? ISPs in most cases are cable companies that also provide legacy TV service which netflix disrupts. Netflix does NOT provide ISP service. That is the customer / subscribers responsibility to find an ISP and obtain service. Therefore netflix don't worry about how you are delivered to me i will decide if its good enough or not. If its not i will do something about it. Now stop wasting time and money ranking ISPs and add content or something that is productive .

It's all about putting pressure on the ISPs. ISPs are not fans of Google. By putting Google first, it makes the other companies look bad despite there being other ftth providers with many times more customers and not making the list at all. Not many people have heard of them, so they would do Netflix no good in their war on ISPs.

These lists do not actually mean anything.


reply to norbert26
Quality of the ISP will also affect the quality of the netflix customer's viewing experience. If netflix is constantly rebuffering and has lower bitrates due to congestion at the ISP, guess who the typical non computer tech literate customer is going to blame first... Netflix. Netflix has to track average bitrate performance per ISP, per region to properly plan the expansion and configuration their content distribution net anyways. It doesn't take much effort to create and release a graph of the data they already collected and analyzed for internal use. Steering customers to ISPs that perform well with your product makes good business sense. I as a customer find this data useful to determine if my ISP is actually expanding speeds/capacity or are they letting their network congest and actually lowering speeds. Netflix need not put up and shut up with crappy ISPs. If naming and shaming gets them to clean up their act, so be it.