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Re: [speed/latency] Verizon Speed Slow at times


Based on the information I have provided, how is my DSL connection? Based on the Transceiver Statistics, is it fine or it can be improved? I'm sorry, but I'm a noob understanding the Transceiver Statistics of the modem.

Do you recommend getting CAT5 or CAT5e ?
Any specific cable out there that you would recommend? (Price is not a concern, I'm willing to pay for it if it can benefit my DSL connection)

Also, any recommendations for a DSL splitter or any device will do its job?

Lastly, having a provider run a local loop test would be ideal. In order to know if there are any other problems with my line. If there isn't, then that would be good news. Correct?
So I would just call Verizon, ask them to run a local loop test. Would they understand what I'm trying to accomplish?