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Re: loud corsair HX1050

I don't know... your numbers just don't add up. The 3750K has a rated TDP of 77w and you are only running a single 660TI which has a rated TDP of 150w for the stock version (77 + 150 = 227). So if you add those numbers up and add a bit of head room for the RAM and the HDDs it still doesn't come close to 500w (from the wall, 455w @ 91% efficiency). So some where/how you have managed to double your power draw. You have either got one hell of an overclock going for both the CPU and VGA or there's something wrong with the PSU.

According to the efficiency curve on the marketing material, the unit reaches peak efficiency at around 420w - 500w and the fans will start increasing RPM at around 60% load. So technically at 43% load, the fan RPM should be flat @ 20db.

I run a HX650 with a W3540, GTX670, 4 * 1.5TB Seagate 7.2K, 1 * 750GB Seagate 7.2K, X25M 160, X25M 80, 330 180, LSI Megaraid controller, and I can't hear my PSU when my machine is under load.

I also have an AX1200, new, that's currently sitting on my desk because I don't see a reason to upgrade (and I am too lazy to redo my cable management as it's a pain with this many components inside the case). I don't have the exact same setup as you but I can get something close if you need me to help you run some power numbers. (spare processors available: 970, 2700K, 3770K)

If the fan is really loud during your load levels it may indicate a bad fan bearing. You may want to look into getting it RMA'ed.


Alma, AR
I have the CPU clocked to 4.3 GHZ with a corsair h60 cooler.

Mountain View, CA

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User's data at this point:

* PSU actively drawing 500W: »Re: loud corsair HX1050
* System consists of the following, minus one video card: »Re: loud corsair HX1050
* Core i5 is overclocked to 4.3GHz: »Re: loud corsair HX1050
* All the above could explain about a 400-500W draw under full system load given those specs.

My guess is that the issue has nothing to do with PSU load at all, but probably temperature. Many PSUs will increase fan speed based on temperature, read from a thermistor inside the PSU itself.

There's really not much you can do about this other than try to decrease the overall temperature around the area of the PSU, or to purchase a different brand or model of PSU that might have a fan that's less audible (I've tried to warn people here about how loud PCs are getting these days, sigh) or logic circuitry that doesn't kick the fan on a higher speed until a significantly higher temperature than what the HX1050 does.

I'll use this opportunity to state something clear and in bold: do not consider a fanless PSU given what your system consists of. This will only make the situation worse. I've had the pleasure of using one (rated for 450W) and I could not believe how hot they got under normal load (I had to wait about 20 minutes to remove the PSU from the case, else my fingers would have suffered 1st or 2nd degree burns -- no joke). The increase in PSU temperature has a direct and circular effect on temperatures of the case and all components.

Stick with something that has a 120mm or 140mm fan and advertises very low noise. I would recommend trying Antec or Nexus/Nexustek PSUs. You will need to spend a lot of time looking at full specifications, specifically fan noise ratings. I would suggest a 750W or 850W PSU, cease the overclocking, and stick with just one video card/GPU indefinitely.
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