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North York, ON
reply to creed3020

Re: CNOC Files w/ CRTC Against Rogers

said by creed3020:

Lets hope for this clause to be used: "This list may not be complete and is subject to change without notice." and a decision to come out, but on the other hand I don't want them to rush this. It takes time to wade through all of Roger's BS.

There are a few possibilities here as to what's gonna happen.. I haven't a clue as to what CRTC is going to do however.

1. Since CNOC's Part 1 has to do with enforcing the speed matching within the time limits in 2011-703, its possible they will release the R&Vs, then immediately after, release CNOC's decision. All of this would need to be done soon, as right now there's no competition.

2. Due to lack of competition due to Rogers actions and because 2011-703 isn't close to being ready, the CRTC releases the CNOC Part 1, TN29 & TN30 all at once, with the R&V decision of 2011-703 to come later.

As for CRTC's 'big' decisions... They don't always post them in advance I don't think.. Was the original 2011-703 posted on the 'upcoming decisions' page?
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