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Calgary, AB
reply to pfak

Re: [AB] Just Got TELUS Bundled Optik TV, 25 Turbo. Some questio

Thank you. WOW, my Internet is blazing fast now. I was uploading at 250KB/Sec through torrentz... and my downstream is wicked fast as well. I got my Actiontec hooked up to my Apple Airport now, and I love it. TELUS Optik TV/Internet blows Shaw out of the water! Way more channels to choose from compared to Shaw, I am so happy to get rid of Shaw. Their prices were just absurd and ridiculously high.

Still waiting on figuring out the email business, other than that, I am one VERY happy customer! VDSL2+ rocks!

Thanks again guys. The tech even said that I would have a rock solid connection because I am so close to the DSLAM.

I might have a few more questions later, like I heard they have a 50Mbps package now, but only available in certain areas. And I am on the Turbo 25Mbps/2.5Mbps and its fast enough for the majority of sites or torrents being able to upload to max my downstream. I did some speedtests on here, and I am close to the top for speeds with telus.net. But the other people on the 50Mbps package beat me, but oh well. Not even sure if the 50Mbps is available in my area of the City.

Thumbs up for TELUS, Thumbs down for Shaw Unstable.
Cheers and Thanks folks!