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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Removing pipe dope/dum dum from trousers

I have not one, but two, pair of cargo pants both of which have a good size dab of industrial strength pink pipe dope or "dum dum" in the worst possible place: the seat.* I don't want this stuff to rub onto my car seat and I really like these pants and would love to find a way to remove this stubborn stuff without destroying the fabric.

I read about acetone in the "it's on my hands" thread, but not sure whether that will harm the fabric. They are 100% thick cotton.

Thanks for any ideas.

*I was squatting in close quarters to install some equipment down low in a rack and the unused cable conduits behind me were sealed with this pink gooey Silly Putty. They stick out of the floor about a foot or so and when my rear end hit them it gave me visions of dropping the soap in prison. Hell of a place to terminate the conduit sticking up out of the cement floor!
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Leander, TX
I would probably try GoJo first. Acetone evaporates very rapidly. Although it would help to know more about the product you sat on.

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reply to BoteMan
If the pants are truly just thick cotton (no polyester or other synthetic material), and unless they are dyed a dark color, the acetone should not hurt the material at all. Just be sure to wash and heavily rinse with water out the residue (by hand) before the acetone has a chance to completely evaporate to avoid any staining.
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reply to BoteMan
Non-chlorinated brake cleaner (spray can). Try a test spot first for color fastness. Place towel between the seat and the stain to absorb the excess. Then launder normally.
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