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·Cogeco Cable
reply to Gone

Re: Canada's Tech Sector, straight into the ground.

said by Gone:

Matrox sure dropped off the face of the Earth after the G400, though.

Yea, cause their products were crap. They shifted their focus from the 2D desktop market to the video editing market and when they did that, they'd put out a collection of software that was into its prime concerning Adobe Premiere then 4 months later when the new Adobe Premiere comes out, they're not quite ready... and if you happen to stray from the beaten path, get ready for bugs, crashing, etc. Heck, even using the product stock it was a quirky beast that wasn't reliable in the professional sense.

When multimonitor became popular again and ATI's FireMV line became popular, where was Matrox?

Although we could be wrong, they're regularly selling products you and I think are unpopular and perhaps their profits are high and they're trucking along quite well... I don't think they're a publicly traded company.