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Red Deer County, AB
reply to Slack

Re: [BC] Horrendous YouTube performance

Yup, it's not narrowed to a single ISP. I literally have people around my house on Shaw residential having a hell of a time. I've checked a couple and speeds are good, just Youtube and Netflix stutter. I'm on Shaw biz, two statics and have DHCP/DNS provided via DC on a hyper-v host and no issues. As stated, my forwarders are set to Google only. I can stream without any issues on anything. Also checked our shop which is a similar setup. We are on 6 bonded T1's from Telus, DHCP/DNS via DC on an esxi host. Google is the only forwarder there as well. I have absolutely no idea what is going on, but besides DHCP and DNS being server side instead of gateway side my setup is fairly similar to everyone else. Oh, and my DNS is using Google instead of Shaw. Whether that fixes the issue is up to someone else to try and see if it helps. I haven't had one single issue in 3 years since we had some saturation issues.