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Red Deer County, AB
reply to familypizza

Re: [AB] BB50 and shaw a waste of time if you want to use netfli

said by familypizza:

It's a Motorola surfboard cable modem, not a home gateway.

I also explained the problem happens at peek periods, and the problem is not with the connection itself (as other services work fine and speeds are not an issue)

It's quite possible that the problem isn't even on shaw's network... but with a provider that they peer with. I'll tracert tonight to the content servers (providing it happens again) to see what I can see... although it's nice to see that i'm not the only one experiencing this.

Since you just switched back to Shaw, you generally get the Cisco or SMC. It's hard to get a SB5102 now a days. Luckily I aquired a few a while ago. Like I've stated, I'm on Shaw and have no issues with either. If anyone wants, I can open a teamviewer to a virtual machine and anyone can stream Netflix and Youtube and see how easy it is. There's people within 250FT that are having the exact same issues everyone else is having, yet nothing for me. I've heard that Shaw's biz side has no prioritisation over residential. How mine works perfect is beyond me. Aside from my DHCP and DNS being done server side, the only other thing is my DNS is strictly to and only, nothing from Shaw.


Just for curiosity, what DNS is everyone using. I was using open DNS up until yesterday. After I flipped back to shaw's dns servers I got a different content provider and performance got a lot better. The issue was the most prevalent on my Apple TV2's and the issue is still not fixed but it is better. Youtube is still horrible though.