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Re: Start Communications - new TPIA Rogers/Cogeco

1) Using the modem Start provided me.
2) Sorry Im not too familar with how to find this.
3) Download :: 1.2 Mbps 152 kB/s. This was right after I reset my modem. When I reset my modem speeds are great for about 20 minutes and then they drop again.

4) The problem has been happening the whole day since 3PM. Its happening right now as I type this.

5) I do not know about the node thing, because I spoke with someone on another forum who is experiencing the same symptoms as I am. He lives in Brampton and has DSL, while I live in Toronto and have cable.

Also the "Online" light on my modem has been blue this whole time, even when the connection was doing just fine. I do not know if this makes a difference.

London, ON
2) Modem stats are at Can you also try reseating the cable modem to make sure the end is not loose or weak? Also if you have added any splitters, etc, please remove them for testing.

3) If you can provide a link to the result (ie the 'copy link') button that would help. Also only while directly connected to the modem, ie no routers, voip adapters, etc.

The blue light means you have channel bonding and are using a DCM476 modem, that is good.

Failing any positive results, can you PM me your account # or real name please?



Thank you very much for your support. Its getting really late right now so I will have to do those things tomorrow. Maybe everything will alright in the morning. Again thank you for your help.