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reply to BoteMan

Re: [Connectivity] Sharing drop with neighbor

said by BoteMan:

A tech came out to install cable in my half of the duplex apartment where I live. The other half of this duplex got Comcast a few months ago. It is served from a pole about 50 feet from the building and I assume that a new drop was run from the pole to his (closer) apartment eaves, then through his wall.

The tech today looked puzzled about how to run the cable drop to me and indicated that he could just split it at my neighbor's service entry point and then run it another 40 feet along the eaves to my half of the duplex.

I thought each customer drop needed to be a separate cable? If not, what problems can arise from sharing the drop from the pole?

My guess is that I might have half the signal I would otherwise get, but whether or not that would cause trouble I don't know yet. We rescheduled for tomorrow for a number of reasons, so I'd like to be prepared for his return.

Any gotchas to watch out for or ask him about?


could leave you disconnected if the person turns off the service..

they had to run a new line of RG11 after that happened.