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reply to Seraphace

Re: [Cable] New Installation speed change billing issues

said by Seraphace:

I understand the sentiments reflected in this thread, but my issue is the fact that technically the cost of comp'd shipping is easily recouped on our 2 monthly accounts for this household.

Unless you cancel right away, and then instead of TSI making a profit off you, they've just taken a loss.

said by Seraphace:

It ends up that if you do the small things for the customer like waiving 20 dollars in shipping, you gain a customer for the next 5 years which is a lot of increased revenue. New customer acquisition is far more than that.

Again, there's no guarantee that's the case. If you're willing to back up that statement and sign a 5 year contract with a $500 cancellation penalty, then I'm sure they'd be more than happy to comp you $20 in shipping. But TekSavvy doesn't do contracts, so as I mentioned above there's no guarantee they'll recoup any costs from you since you're free to leave at any time.

said by Seraphace:

The restocking fee on an unopened router is the one that I have the biggest problem with. If you have an unopened game that you return, or a piece of clothing that you return, there's no restocking fee. As such there shouldn't be on goods such as this.

There I totally agree with you. And it looks like Taunia does as well, so there must have been a miscommunication there.