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Dubuque, IA

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reply to drslash

Re: [IA] Pace HD DVR

drslash - it is frustrating to be a long term MC customer. My promotions just ended and I'm now paying a ridiculous amount for TV service. Internet is $49.95. Phone is $9.95. But TV is $111.70!! Taxes: $9.93. That is a total bill of $181.53!! It was $124 the prior month. I have one DVR, one additional HD receiver, digital tier, and the SportsPak. I can get all the same programming and MUCH better equipment from DirectTV for around $65 a month for the first two years and then around $85 thereafter. I'm not saying that DirectTV doesn't have their own issues but MC isn't even the same ballpark as DirectTV as far as price/equipment/programming. I have been a long time customer and prefer to stay. But, they are going to need to get me a better DVR and be reasonable on price. It will just be MUCH cheaper for me to keep internet/phone with MC and move my TV to DirectTV.

I called to get some price help and am told they can give me 10% discount of TV programming for 6 months which amounts to about $6 a month. Really, $6 a month? I tell the CSR that just isn't good enough and I'm told to cancel my TV service for 3 months so they can then give me a "new customer promotion" which "is really a good deal". Really? I'm supposed to go without TV service (we don't get over the air reception in Dubuque, IA) for three months so I can then magically re-qualify for new customer status. Wow, that makes me feel valued as a long term customer. Why even have a 'loyalty' dept to help retain customers if it is only geared toward getting new customers? It just leaves such a bad taste in your mouth you want to dump everything with them. It's like the have figured that if people haven't left by now then they will probably never leave.

Lazy Senior

Cobden, IL

said by kelley3249:

It will just be MUCH cheaper for me to keep internet/phone with MC and move my TV to DirectTV.

Here is what I have done for the past 17 years. I churn. I have had Directv, Dish, Mediacom,and Comcast as TV providers. I sign up for a 2 year contract getting huge new customer discounts and new equiptment. At the end of the contract I approach the company asking another 2 year discounted deal. Rarely do I get one. So I churn. I go to another different provider and get the new customer discount. And then I do it all over again. I have been with Mediacom once, Comcast once, Directv 5 times and Dish 2 times.

FWIW both Dish and Directv have superior offerings compared to the cable companies and they are cheaper with much better equipment.