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united state
reply to Kilroy

Re: [MoP] Alt Progress

Let's see... I have:

- Priest lvl 90 Disc/Shadow - Horde - Altar of Storms (inactive)
- Priest lvl 90 Disc/Shadow - Alliance - Eredar
- Warlock lvl 90 Aff/Destro - Alliance - Eredar (main) (ilvl 483)
- Pally lvl 88 Ret/Prot - Alliance - Eredar (used mostly for either BS or tanking in guild runs when needed)
- Mage 76 Frost/?? (arcane?) - Alliance - Eredar (My alchemist)(needs played more)
- Warrior Prot/Arms, Warlock Dem/Destro, Shaman (can't even remember), Druid Guard/Feral, all in the 60's.

My focus du jour has been trying to get my prof skills up on the alts. I mostly only play the alts below 90 to help dungeon with guildies or to increase prof skills. And as you see I have duplication in my classes due to my switch to the Horde and then back where I had 90'd a warlock and priest.

And a big fat +1 to Clawfury's statement about it being hard enough just to maintain two toons!