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Fort Lauderdale, FL
reply to ILpt4U

Re: [Home Network] Motorola NVG510 installed, Slingbox won't con

Thanks for the reply. I see the 2210 is available on eBay for just $10 shipped. That would surely be the easiest way out of my problem and I'll probably end up buying it. Although at this point it is more like a game, a puzzle that needs to be solved, how to make Slingbox work with this router? Maybe not possible.

Is there any hope for the DMZ or Public Subnet mentioned above?


San Jose, CA
Can you (temporarily) partially test slingbox direct wired into NVG510?: Only to verify: does its DHCP assignment stabilize (by eliminating the Buffalo)?

You avoided re-config of the Buffalo, by setup of the NVG510 wireless network to same SSID and pass-key as Westell had?

What kind of service before Uverse (also the Buffalo still, but with Westell instead of NVG510)? If it was PPPoE based, presume that PPPoE account (and its smaller, non-1500 MTU) was configured within the Westell (not in the Buffalo's config, does Buffalo have its own non-auto MTU, or DHCP settings)?

I'd be wary of spending more money on HW with risk of no success. Is NVG510 802.11g only (not n)? Borrow someone's old wireless router to try a DMZ setup. Most posts would be about using DMZ+ in 2wire RGs, you'd have to make some adjustments for NVG510 instead.

To put 2nd router in NVG510's pseudo-DMZ, I'd want a combination of those Default-Server and Passthrough allocation-mode descriptions (so it gets virtually all traffic, plus gets the same external IP as NVG510); perhaps Passthrough includes the "all traffic" part.


Fort Lauderdale, FL
Knock on wood, I think I've got it fixed. At least it has been working for 3 days now. And it was so simple. Just go to the router GUI and click on Firewall > IP Passthrough > set Allocation Mode to Default Server > enter the Slingbox IP address in the Default Server Internal Address box > click Save. In other words, the top screen shot 4 posts up but with Allocation Mode on Default Server instead of Off. Note that when Allocation Mode is set to Default Server, the remaining boxes are greyed out and need not and cannot be touched.

I'm not sure why this works (maybe someone can explain?) but so far, so good.

Thanks to all,


Because you flat out forwarded all ports to the Slingbox.
The NVG510 can blindly "pass through" said traffic to a static IP, but it can only Nat specific ports to a LAN device that it has assigned a local IP to via DHCP. If you want the Slingbox to show up in the "needed by device" list so that you can forward only the specific ports, you would have to remove the manual/static settings from the Slingbox.


Fort Lauderdale, FL
Thanks for the reply. Can any harm result from forwarding all ports to the Slingbox, as I have done? Could not get it working any other way.