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What a long strange trip it's been

Manotick, ON
reply to jaberi

Re: What happens when travel insurance rejects your claim

It seems to me that the insurance companies have the right to reject fraudulent claims, BUT.. They appear to sometimes be over-zealous.

There was a story about someone ( I forget where I saw it ) that answered "no" to a question about being diagnosed for heart problems. While travelling, some other issue came up, but the claim was denied because he 'lied' on the application. He had received an EKG as a standard test while in the hospital; no heart issues were discovered at that time, but technically he had been 'diagnosed' for heart problems. Hospitals routinely give EKG to post-operative patients as a precaution. It's really nit-picking to say that a heart problem was diagnosed.

So, if a doctor says "how are you today", then I guess I've just been 'diagnosed' for every possible disease and condition known to mankind?