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The Q

Collegeville, PA
reply to Drunk

Re: 'Personalized' TV ads coming

said by Drunk:

So...when we all watch the Superbowl we might not all be watching the same commercials?

"Hey did you see that funny XYZ commercial?"


The Superbowl is on a broadcast TV channel, not on a traditional cable channel so I doubt that any cable company will be inserting anything (personalized or not) locally on the Superbowl (on purpose).

It sounds more like traditional targeted direct mail where I get a Petco postcard with a coupon for dogfood (since I have a dog) and my brother would get a Petco postcard with a coupon for cat food (he has a cat).

Petco knows this information because we opted in to their PALS CARD discount card that yes, also tracks your purchases just like any grocery store club card does (or warranty card info that you fill out online).