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I'll believe it when...

They stop treating FTTP customers as if they were copper DSL customers and limiting their speeds based on distance from the vrad. Seriously, I've got fiber to my house, what do you mean that I'm not eligble for that tier bandwidth based on distance? Dorks.

Warner Robins, GA

The people who develop reliable consistent nationwide marketing schemes win out over the actual capabilities of the technology.

I am left to wonder why AT&T DSL is limited to 6.0Mbps down and 0.5Mbps up when the ADSL2+ standard they use would allow for 24Mbps down and 3.5Mbps up depending on distance from the CO or DSLAM. Why is AT&T DSL saying I can only get 6.0Mbps down and Windstream is saying they can get me 12.0Mbps down? Yes, it might cost 20% more than the AT&T I get now, but they are at least trying to use more of the capability of standard ADSL2+ equipment. AT&T fails to tap into a potential increase in revenue by not offering a better service that is already built into the network they have. All to support a simplistic nationwide advertising campaign.